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Refund Policies

100% Money Back Assurance!

Making The Process Easier For You

We understand you are already exhausted by the pressure of exams and we must alleviate the burden that decreases the productivity level. However, if we fail to reach your satisfaction level, don’t worry about the investment. We have designed a refund policy to diminish all your worries and increase your trust level.

If you think this service is not a suitable pick for you, let us cover the loss. Our money-back assurance is followed by a procedure that every customer has to follow. We have a team who will assess the authenticity of your claim and then take action accordingly.

Have A Look At Our Refund Policy

Don’t be afraid to join our community. The leniency in our policies will help you connect with us faster. If you feel the need for a refund, here are a few points that will help you understand its procedure.

100% Amount Refund

We provide a 100% guarantee to refund the amount in case of dissatisfaction. We know how hard it is to earn money in this competitive era, therefore, we cater to the cases of dissatisfaction and disappointments at our earliest. We make sure to treat sensitive cases of refund through the easiest payment methods. In case of any confusion, you can contact our team of experts without any hesitation for all your queries. We cordially cooperate with every client and try to resolve their problems as soon as possible.

When Can You Claim For A Refund?

  • You can claim the refund in case of rejection or failure of our submitted project that doesn’t match your given topic.
  • You own the right to claim a refund if our submitted work has more than 30% of plagiarized content.
  • We allow two revisions to every customer before you ask for a refund.
  • Once you claim a refund, it is requested to wait at least one month as it is the maximum time limit that our team requires to evaluate the process and then proceed.
  • However, it is to inform you that we will deduct the revision charges from the refund amount as per the policy.
  • Make sure you don’t contact any external body, law agencies, banks, or payment merchants before informing us because it will be considered a breach of the agreement.

Time Limit

Make sure you claim within 30 days of placing the order, otherwise, we will not be able to cater to you in any way. Our mission is to make the process easier for you. Nevertheless, you should also encompass a dutiful attitude towards our policies to avoid any nuisance or trouble.

Provide Us The Evidence

Make sure to share the evidence of rejection with us to process the refund. We trust the sincerity of our customers, however, we prefer to go with predefined policies that have been settled by the upper management. You will be at ease once you are here. This website is made only to benefit you in all ways.

Take Your Money Back

Once the team will get assurance from your side about the rejection, it will rush towards providing you the money back to close the matter. Unlike scammers, we are the professionals of our words and can’t stand deception at all. Going through the proper procedures, we will be able to portray professionalism and competence which will in turn build a positive impact on others too.

Let us help you overcome every academic hurdle and make the road to victories clear for you.

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